Anointed Flooring


When choosing flooring finishes it can be daunting and overwhelming; we understand and that is why our design discovery approach makes our clients feel at ease when deciding which finishes to go with. We offer a boutique approach experience we ask the right questions and offer recommendations.

When starting and completing a project it is important that effective communication is the way to ensure and manage all expectations throughout the process. We understand that most projects involve a lot of moving parts and with effective communication, our clients are ensured that they will receive the best final product.

Who is Anointed Flooring?

Anointed Flooring, Inc has over 10 years experience in the government and commercial space; we understand our clients and understand the processes that each are faced with. We have solutions that are proved and as a results we have successful completion of projects.

We are a minority, woman-owned company providing commercial and government flooring solutions. We specialize in government, prime contractors, schools, universities, public housing, military installations, and multi-family housing.

Anointed Flooring, Inc. was established in 2004 and continuously strives to surpass our customers’ expectations in service and value.

Choosing Anointed Flooring

With most projects, we are all faced with meeting the project completion deadline effectively. Because construction is complex with different scopes of work and different contractors, we pride ourselves on gathering the necessary information needed to help us ensure we are aware of the lead time for flooring materials.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you currently seeking to work with a quality flooring contractor?
  • Do you have any projects that have flooring needs?
  • Do you know the upcoming projects that are currently in your pipeline?
  • How can we work with you on your next project?
  • What do you look for when working with flooring contractors?

Recent Projects

Is it time to REPLACE your flooring?


“To ensure our customer’s satisfaction through integrity, excellence, effective communication and quality.”


Integrity: Doing what you say you are going to do is number one; in business you want to keep your level of respect in the community.

Going Beyond the Call: Going beyond the call to us means doing our job until ultimate satisfaction is fulfilled.

Effective Communication: Continued dialog with our client until a project is complete is a necessity.

Quality: We don’t take short cuts, short cuts only damages client relationships we established our solutions up front.

Download Our Capability Statement

Download Our Capability Statement

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